Best 3 Family Destinations in Greece

Greece is a great place to take kids. There are great beaches, the people are very friendly and always look out for children, whether their own or the kids of the couple having a cup of coffee at the next table. You can also teach your kids a lot about history and most of the things they need to know about democracy and everything western liberal democracies hold dear, from theatre to architecture. Have you noticed they are all Greek words?

I love holidaying with my kids in Greece, especially in the summer. These are my favourite three family destinations to holiday with my kids.

  1. Tzia or Kea Island.

This island goes by two names and is so child-friendly it even holds a fairytale festival in the summer. Kea is just a short boat ride from Athens, so no trying to find something for the kids to do for hours or dealing with sea sickness. It is beautiful but is very peaceful and low-key, especially compared to high-profile destinations like Mykonos or Santorini. Its main town is called Ioulida. It is lovely and doesn’t really have cars so you can let the little ones roam around the main square while you enjoy your dinner.

  1. Thalatta Seaside Hotel

Both my partner and our kids love this stunningly beautiful hotel. It’s right in front of the sea, there is a great pool, it has a fantastic children’s menu and its buffet also serves many of our kids’ favourites throughout the day. There are hourly children’s activities for different age groups so your child can say spend an hour with other children while you relax and then return to spend an hour with you by the pool before they head off to another activity. There is a horse-riding school nearby, the rooms are beautiful and the family apartments are huge. They serve great cocktails for the adults and there is a great playground. I can keep going but do I really have to?

  1. Halkidiki

This Northern Greek region has the most child-friendly beaches. They are wide, long, with warm waters. They are also fairly shallow so that you can rest easy while your little ones play on the beach. Because it is not an island, space is not limited. As a result, there is plenty of parking wherever you go and you are almost guaranteed to find a table even during the very busy summer weekends. What’s more, it is considerably cheaper than the Greek islands, up to 30% according to my estimates, so ideal for large families. We normally prefer the Sithonia Peninsula, rather than the much busier Kassandra, and stay around the town of Nikiti. This way we have access to many beaches while at the same time being closes to supermarkets, doctors and playgrounds.




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