Godparents – how to choose 

ask someone you love

Your child’s godparent will be there for the most important moments of his/her life, and yours – birthdays, weddings and graduations. So before you ask them, make sure they are someone you love and cherish and whose presence will make these occasions even more special

make sure they’ll be around
You may love, respect and cherish them, but unless they are in your child’s life they will not be much of a godparent. You want your child to have a consistent relationship so pick someone who lives close by, and is consistently there for their nearest and dearest

character matters
Choose someone who loves to nurture people and likes children

aim for the long-term
You want your child to enjoy a long, fruitful and happy relationship with their godparent. So before you decide who to ask think of how old they are. You may love your great-aunt but it may be that she is just a bit too old

think about multiple godparents
If it is important for you to have someone older or likely to move away become a godparent to your child maybe you could also pick one or more people who are likely to live closer to you or be around for longer to ensure that you little one forms a long-lasting bond


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